Hamilton Medical Galileo service

Hamilton Medical Galileo service by factory trained technicians


If you need expert biomedical equipment service, such as Hamilton Medical Galileo service then you need look no further than Quality Medical South. They service and repair and service ventilators and infusion pumps from leading brands such as CareFusion, Abbott, Baxter, BBraun, Philips/Respironics, and more.


Galileo equipment provides a complete ventilation solution with features such as

  • Advanced ventilation modes, including ASV® and NIV mode
  • Protective Ventilation P/V Tool for lung assessment and recruitment
  • Extensive monitoring package with 26 parameters
  • Ventilation of adults, pediatrics, and neonates

Maintaining this type of equipment requires experience and knowledge that only biomedical engineers and technicians have. Physicians are trained in the use of the equipment in the same way that a pilot is trained to fly an airliner. However, the physician or surgeon is not trained to repair the equipment in much the same way that a Boeing pilot is not trained to fix or repair the aircraft.

Quality Medical South employs highly trained engineers and technicians who know how to repair and service and cutting edge biomedical equipment. For example, they can provide Hamilton Medical Galileo service and repair.

Advanced Medical supports physicians and caregivers and enables them to provide a higher level of medical service. Advanced biomedical equipment plays and important role in patient safety and comfort. Cutting edge medical equipment also improves diagnosis and related treatment. For example, 3D imaging helps make surgical procedures safer and less invasive.

Advanced ventilation equipment and tools such as those manufactured by Hamilton Medical support protective ventilation strategies which in turn improve patient survival rates. When this type of equipment fails, or requires repair, you want only the best technicians to do carry out such repairs.

Quality Medical South employs factory trained engineers and technicians who perform biomedical equipment repairs such as Hamilton Medical Galileo service and repair.

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